West Bay Beach Festival

The time has come for our 5th beach party. It’s a tradition now and one we don’t plan on stopping. Our featured guest is DJ Enso of Solos Records (SF) and Pimpin Ain’t Easy (HK) It’s looking like some good surf is rolling in for the weekend too.

Click here for more party info on Shenzhen Stuff.

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Here’s a look back on our previous beach parties, starting with the first one in July 2008. Click the images to see more from the party.

For our first party, we packed 33 friends on a bus, lost a couple hundred RMB, and had one of the most memorable parties ever. I can't remember what we named it.
Our 2nd one, Dolphin Bay Beach Party in May 2009, got started as they usually do: when a bunch of Chinese onlookers join the dancefloor...this one was awesome.
Our 3rd party featured the fastest, most hardcore and dangerous slip n' slide you've ever seen.
The boys of At Zero giving the best (my favorite) live rock performance ever at our 4th one: Aloha Sunrise Beach Party

Hopefully we’ve got many more to come…

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