Free Album: LowEndYall – Tribute to A Tribe Called Quest

ATCQ is my favorite rap group by far. And Low End Theory is my favorite album. So it’s nice to see someone make an album using the same samples that Tribe used. You might be skeptical, and I’ll admit that nothing can live up to their original beats. However, the samples are used in a completely new and fresh way, really setting them apart – which is a good thing. FlamesYall is a talented producer who spearheaded this project along with a bunch of underground emcees, and it’s good to see someone paying respect to Tribe and keeping their spirit alive. The whole album has a very mellow mood, a bit more subdued than Tribe was. I might even say it is mesmerizing and sleep-inducing, but its well produced and pleasantly soothing.

Click here to download this excellent album. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Update: Here is an instrumental version of this album.

Particularly awesome is this track, Tidal Love, which combines samples from The Love by Tribe and Who Got Da Props by Black Moon, and has a good message to boot. Dope!

Thanks for the tip from Kevin Nottingham, a good all around hip hop site.

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