Check out this badass video

Super fresh video here. I’ve had this track for some time now, but it was re-released with new vocals this summer. Not my favorite song ever, but the video is just dope. The highlight are the two girls that come in just over halfway through. And then watch the big dude break it down too. Awesome. As someone who does a bit of video production, I can really appreciate the cinematography. I like the focus on the people’s faces and the overall simplicity of the video. And if you’ve been to New York, then you’ve probably seen some cool stuff like this in the subway stations – some amazing performers there.

Thanks to Miki for the link.

2 thoughts on “Check out this badass video

  1. i like this cinematography too. i really like this kind of little movies documenting the real and common life (simple but very insparing) do you know anyone in Shenzhen doing some documentary videos by themselves? if there are some i really hope to join.. 😉

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