FREE Summer Bassdrive Mix by DJ FU

In anticipation/celebration of the upcoming Dragon BASS Festival in Coco Park this weekend, here is a free mixtape for ya…

This is probably my favorite dnb mix of all time. I listen to it all the time and it never gets old; especially the first 8 tracks. DJ Fu is based in the UK where he is known as one of the best turntablists in the game. This mix is aptly named, and perfect for summer, with beautiful, lush, deep melodies and good vibes. Also stay tuned for a possible DJ Fu appearance in Shenzhen this summer!

Click here to download the mix.

DJ FU Summer Mix 2010 by DJ FU

Here is what Fu says about the mix:

“Caught up in the hype of summer I decided to do a summer mix. This mix is a collection of some unreleased tunes, some classics, some tunes you might not have heard before and tunes I don’t get to play out that much. Perfect for chilling in the park, at the beach or taking walks through sunny Oxford.”


Ever So Slightly – Lenzman – Integral
>>Its On The Way – Dkay – Soul:r
Mystic Relaxation – System – ????
Enigma – Break – Dominion
Tea Leaf Dancers (D&B RMX) – Flying Lotus
Buck Town – Andy Skopes – Jerona Fruits
Waterlogged – Random Movement – Innerground
>>Twilights Last Gleaming – High Contrast
Kiss – Original Sin – True Playaz
Reflection – Ram Trilogy – Ram Records
Sincere (D&B RMX) – MJ Cole –
>>The Water Carrier – Calibre – Signature
Sabina – Random Movement – Innerground
>>Memory Jog – Mistical – Soul:r
Bittersweet feat. Riya – Lenzman – Shogun Audio
Back Yard Dub – SPY – Liquid V
Supergrass – Carltio & Addiction – Defunked
Stay Away feat. Dianne Charlemagne – Mistical
>>Lunar Bass – Origin Unknown – Ram Records
Bionic Fingers – Nymfo – Commercial Suicide
You Bring Me – The Invaderz – Soul:r
Bear Trap – Lenzman – Deep Kut
Obstacles feat MSdos – Clart – All Sorts
With You – Electrosoul System – Innerground
Day Light – DBridge & Fierce – Exit
Thermostat – WIll Miles – Dub
Patience – DBridge & Jubei – Metalheadz
>>Poseidon – Spectrasoul – DSM
Anyone, Anywhere – Dkay & Lee – Advanced Recordings
Shin Kan Sen – Artificial Intelligence – Widescreen
True Romance – DBridge & Vegas – Metalheadz

2 thoughts on “FREE Summer Bassdrive Mix by DJ FU

  1. hey Jessie, let me know how can I help you to get such guys to SZ. I am in Europe now but will be back in 10 days, hope to see you, peace!

    • hey miki, actually dj fu is coming through town this summer (not 100% sure if he will play here or not) but i DO have big plans for some other DJs. anybody else you have in mind?

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