Photos: Endless Summer Beach Party


Thanks to Paolo, Trini, Duckia, and Abby for taking these photos with my camera! And thanks to everyone who came to the Endless Summer Beach Festival! I hope you all had a good time. I learned a lot of things from this event. Although it was our biggest turnout ever (300+) people, I realized that I prefer more intimate events with smaller numbers. It was simply too much work to handle, and we hardly had a chance to enjoy the party ourselves. Nonetheless it was humbling to have such a large crowd. I’d also like to apologize about the subwoofer going out about 10pm. It appears that someone spilled a beer or something into it, thus we lost our big heavy bass sound. It’s a shame because it sounded great before then. Finally I’d like to shout out everyone who helped, the sponsors, the DJs and performers, and everyone else for coming. Stay tuned for another shindig at the beach in the fall, and of course our 3rd anniversary gig this Saturday. Peace!

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