DJ Quest in Kunming

Very stoked and honored to be flying out to Kunming in Yunnan for a night of drum & bass and hip hop! First time playing outside of SZ/HK. Camel Bar looks like a really fun place judging by the photos. I’ll start with my favorite old school tunes move on to new ragga jungle/liquid dnb. Looking forward to some Fresh air in southwest China!

As for the goofy flier, it’s a take on one of my favorite hip hop albums: Midnight Marauders by ATCQ (which you can see in the middle frame). Dengling at Camel asked me for a DJ pic so I thought it’d be a good chance to take some new ones. I shot them in my studio using the new triggers that we make. Just for the record my dreads are real/natural.

See you in Kunming!

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