LTJ Bukem + MC Conrad in HK

Fresh supports two absolute music legends making an appearance in Hong Kong!

For those who don’t know, Bukem is the basically the godfather of drum & bass – especially the soulful and jazzy side. He started out in the late 80s at raves in England, and as breakbeats progressed in speed, eventually dnb was born, with Bukem at the helm. MC Conrad is one of the best freestyle rappers on the scene. Both of them going strong for 20+ years.

The first time I heard drum & bass was a sleepless night in a tent at a dance music festival in college, when Bukem’s Earth CD was playing all night. Classic shit! I’ve seen them the past two years in HK and Macau, and they played for 4+ hours both times. Definitely among the best gigs I have ever attended.

If you want to see a world class DJ who helped give birth to drum & bass, you don’t want to miss this! There are also some great HK DJs playing including Frankie Lam. If you want to roll together, let me know…

Tickets are not cheap but fully worth it at 250 advance/300 door, contact [email protected] to reserve. See more details here on the facebook page.

Here’s a video I made of their show in Macau in 2010 (epic!)

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