Introducing…DJ Nimbus! + Interview

We are happy to announce the latest addition to our crew (and our first 4/4 jockey) … DJ Nimbus. From the very beginning, he has impressed us with his skills behind the decks. Nimbus spins a wide variety of tunes and styles, and keeps our sound system tight and crisp with his scientifically sonic skills. Check out his profile page here. And now for the interview…

Tell us a bit about yourself…

When I’m not being Mr Cool behind the decks I’m a bit of tech nerd haha! My work is also my hobby.. I’m either fixing something, building something or designing something. I have worked with a few audio and DJ gear companies her in China over the last two years, helping to fine tune some great new products, and I have made a few small inventions of my own. I guess I have been tinkering with gear that makes noise for so long that I finally found a use for it (besides driving my girlfriend crazy!)

How’d you get your DJ name?

Well my friend came up with it when I opened my own nightclub back in 2001. Basically we had all worked very hard to create a very large, up-market, euro-style club… and no one wanted the resident DJ to be called “DJ Swampy”!  So, the club was called Altitude… and the name Nimbus was born. How I got the nickname “Swampy” is a totally different subject!!!

What is the best DJing experience you’ve ever had?

That’s an easy one… it was the first month Club Altitude had opened, and it was the first club of its kind in the whole region. There were over 1200 people jammed in the main room, and because we had been open for a month already the crowd was really getting to understand the new style of music. There was one night in particular I dropped an old whitelabel from Underworld… It was called “born slippy” and the whole place just went nuts. Everyone,and I mean every single person, staff included, were jumping up and down to the beat, everyone, together as if they were all connected in one mind of emotion. It was that moment I realized I could never stop being a DJ for anything, ever!

What’s your favorite venue for DJing in Shenzhen?

Over all my favorite place to play is at the beach events at Dameisha, or Qichong. There is something special about playing out in the sun, wind and even the rain. I love being in the middle of a set when the sun rises.

What’s the best Fresh party you’ve ever been a part of?

The most recent ‘Deep underground’ party was PHAT!  It was great being able to get down and dirty! But to be honest I didn’t even DJ at my favorite gig. That one was last year at PLUSH bar, with the OldsKool Hiphop party… the place was jumpin’!!!

Who are your favorite DJs?

Norman Cook has always been my inspiration as a DJ. I still hear hear is influence in my sets after 20 years of funking things up.

What does it take to be a good DJ?

Each DJ will have a different view of what makes a DJ good. To me a good DJ is someone who can develop a unique sound for them selves, and can develop that sound to work in different environments and with different crowds. You can’t always please everyone, but a good DJ will never offend anyone with his music if he/she chooses carefully and reads the crowd well.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Well, this year looks like it will be busy, with bookings and double bookings piling up all over Shenzhen. Keep an eye out for new developments in Futian. I hope to return to my own sound with the help of some very smart people up at Yu Club. There are a few clubs trying to support our music now, so we all have to make an effort to go and support the places that support the true craft of DJing!

Check out his latest mixes here:

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