FREE BEATS – The Soul Dojo

My latest and greatest musical discovery is without a doubt Nefarious and The Soul Dojo.

Nefarious is a young producer from the SF bay area who makes chillaxing instrumental hip hop music. He already has a bunch of albums, and best of all, most of them are FREE. See here.

The Soul Dojo is the name of his crew, consisting of other like minded producers, who also have free albums on that page. I would describe their music as a melodic mix of old school soul samples, glitch hop drums, and new snyth sounds.

Firstly I will recommend II, an album by Nefarious from 2011. Click here for the free download. It’s very chill, and you’ll enjoy it while riding the train, doing dishes, blazing herb, knocking boots, working out, stargazing, whatever. Highly recommended!

Secondly, I recommend Mental Space by Scrabble. Do your self a favor and just click here for the free download. There’s a variety of interesting sounds going on here. I would say about half the songs are great blazing music if I’ve ever heard it, and the other half are just tripping out. Simply reference the song titles…

Secondly, I would recommend Enstrumentals by Envoy. It’s another instrumental album with feel-good chill-out production. I’m not usually into the glitchy drums, but this one somehow does it for me. Click here for the free download.

Be sure to check out more on this page for tons of free downloads of great instrumental hip hop music!

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