5 deep downloads [FREE]

In light of our upcoming deep event at little india, we’ve rounded up a few free downloads that define “deep”.

Listen below, and click the download on the right side of the songs below if you like 🙂

First up, here is a remix from Atlantic Connection, one of our favorite dnb artists, who flipped a hit song from the hottest rapper of 2012, Kendrick Lamar. Solid.

The 2nd comes from one of our very own artists, Rice the Beat Chef, whose music is the definition of deep (and also out there!). We’re still waiting on him to finish his album so we can do an album release party 😉

I just discovered this kid named Tim Reaper, a black teenager from London, who makes INCREDIBLE jungle music. Here’s a remix of Big Pun’s “Don’t Wanna Be A Player”. Check out his soundcloud page and dive in to his incredibly complex drum patterns.

This song sounds exactly as the title indicates. Instead of a beat, there is a clock ticking…..some very forward music by one of my favorite drum & bass artists who made this BOMB, maybe my favorite liquid tune of all time.

Finally. our beloved Makoto released one of his classic dubs for free – this incredible Michael Jackson remix that we all know and love. Scoop it up!

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