Midnight Marauders – 20th Anniversary Tribute

As you can see above I was obviously inspired by this album. Midnight Marauders is 20 years old now, and between that and Low End Theory, these are the albums that have clocked the most plays since I discovered both of them in 1997 while in high school. Some guy by the name of Jim Sharp has released an MM “Revisited” EP and it’s not bad – have a listen here.

In honor of this perfect and pure expression of hip hop, here are a couple of my favorite verses from this album. Take a moment and see why Tip was also known as the Abstract Poetic…

Q-Tip on We Can Get Down

I’m the cherry on the top of yo ice cream
I’m the mystic thought inside your dream
Listen to the way we pulsate the jam
I’m the nigga here with the mic in hand
Styles that we present are just a few
To do away with you and your hum drum crew

This is ’93 and the shit is real
Black people unite and put down your steel
Ladies make a forum on your sexual drive
Devote it to your lover and make it thrive

The rhythm’s in F, I’m a hip hop body
Release my energy with the force of a shotty
Standing on the wall with my Polo on
Talking to the girl with the Liz Claiborne
Keep the poetry in my black knapsack
Got my Timbo hooves and my Doublemint pack
Hit the city streets to enhance my soul
I can kick a rhyme over ill drum rolls
With a kick, snare, kicks and high hat
Skilled in the trade of that old boom bap

I can do a trick with the opposite breed
I used to down 40s and smoke grade weed
Now, I’m doing shows with half loot down
Now it’s time for me to take ya uptown

Q-Tip on Midnight

As for me I’m a nocturnal animal, God concentrates
On a young black man who makes the niggas speakers shake
The nighttime is busy, it’s word to Aunt Kizzy
It’s the time we get down, yo son, you know the sound
The flavas on the top with the rugged beat to back it

The night makes the aura and the Jake can’t hack it
The way the moon dangles in the midnight sky
And the stars dance around, a-yo I think it’s fly

Intensity, most rappers don’t see it
Spirit wise, musically, you gotta be it
Serenity and silence of the sounds and emotions
In the concrete jungle and the sun don’t bungle

I think it’s hard to find the words on how I feel
I paid about a deuce twenty for the Ampex steel
But let me slow down, I think I ran my jibs enough
Peace out to the Nation, stay rugged and rough

Q-Tip on Lyrics to Go

Goin on and on to the rhythmic variation
Wakin in the morning I still represent the nation
When I speak of nation please don’t make the deviation

Rebels of the party who create the drum sensation
Mind is a pit of different information
Microphone is on so of course communication
Bogle at the party then you got the bogle-ation
Decaptatin foes yo as if my name was Jason (c’mon)
Makin all the fellas at the party lose composure
Hook up the beat with the mic and it’s over (original, uh!)
A Tribe Called Quest we on the run for whatever
Trials and tribulations that we have to endeavor
Brothers know my steelo it’s a letter to the better
If you see a shorty that you like, then you sweat her
Silly with the microphone, in other words I’m loco
Six foot zero with my height, complexion cocoa
Representin on the mic it seems to be my daily
I can do a split and turn around like Alvin Ailey
But when it comes to days like this I got lyrics to go

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