DJ CEO (David) comes from a long history of vinyl and decks. Hailing from DC, he came to Taipei to work as a DJ, and eventually landed in Shenzhen in 2008. Ever dedicated to the craft, he shipped his Technics across the ocean to stay in the game. He is one of SZ’s most committed and enthusiastic DJs, always coming correct with a fun drum & bass or hip hop set full of scratching action. Make no mistake, as his DJ name implies – CEO is strictly bassness –  giving our events a sonic edge with an 18″ subwoofer and pro audio system. In the daytime, he runs the Pearl River Delta’s premiere networking organization and swim training program.

Music Styles: Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, 80s, Oldies, etc.

Booking: david AT daweiawesome DOT com

CEO + Turntable © Jesse Warren
DJ CEO at La Casa's first ever dance party
Behind the decks at the FRESH 2 year anniversary party

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  1. I like a lot of different 80s genres. I have some old Kraftwork on vinyl that I play out sometimes. This year we have already organized several parties with 80s sets. We will plan at least one for the summer. Be sure to check us out tomorrow night at Brown Sugar Jar in Che Gong Miao! Thanks.

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