5 deep downloads [FREE]

In light of our upcoming deep event at little india, we’ve rounded up a few free downloads that define “deep”.

Listen below, and click the download on the right side of the songs below if you like 🙂

First up, here is a remix from Atlantic Connection, one of our favorite dnb artists, who flipped a hit song from the hottest rapper of 2012, Kendrick Lamar. Solid.

The 2nd comes from one of our very own artists, Rice the Beat Chef, whose music is the definition of deep (and also out there!). We’re still waiting on him to finish his album so we can do an album release party 😉

I just discovered this kid named Tim Reaper, a black teenager from London, who makes INCREDIBLE jungle music. Here’s a remix of Big Pun’s “Don’t Wanna Be A Player”. Check out his soundcloud page and dive in to his incredibly complex drum patterns.

This song sounds exactly as the title indicates. Instead of a beat, there is a clock ticking…..some very forward music by one of my favorite drum & bass artists who made this BOMB, maybe my favorite liquid tune of all time.

Finally. our beloved Makoto released one of his classic dubs for free – this incredible Michael Jackson remix that we all know and love. Scoop it up!

Rhythm, Love, & Blues – Valentines Mix by DJ Quest

Happy Valentines Day! I am happy to present my 1st ever mixtape – a mix of 30+ classic 1990s boom-bap r&b songs – from Aaliyah to Monica to Erykah to SWV to Mariah and more. Throw it on in the background and enjoy some time with your lady/man.

Rhythm, Love, & Blues – 90s R&B Mix by Jesse Warren on Mixcloud

Also be sure to check out the brand new Luvstep IV mix today.

Many thanks to Pramod for supporting this mixtape. You can pick up a free copy and Little India in Coco, Shekou, Nanshan, or Futian. Several more mixes in the months to come.

Hope you have a great V-Day!


FREE BEATS – The Soul Dojo

My latest and greatest musical discovery is without a doubt Nefarious and The Soul Dojo.

Nefarious is a young producer from the SF bay area who makes chillaxing instrumental hip hop music. He already has a bunch of albums, and best of all, most of them are FREE. See here.

The Soul Dojo is the name of his crew, consisting of other like minded producers, who also have free albums on that page. I would describe their music as a melodic mix of old school soul samples, glitch hop drums, and new snyth sounds.

Firstly I will recommend II, an album by Nefarious from 2011. Click here for the free download. It’s very chill, and you’ll enjoy it while riding the train, doing dishes, blazing herb, knocking boots, working out, stargazing, whatever. Highly recommended!

Secondly, I recommend Mental Space by Scrabble. Do your self a favor and just click here for the free download. There’s a variety of interesting sounds going on here. I would say about half the songs are great blazing music if I’ve ever heard it, and the other half are just tripping out. Simply reference the song titles…

Secondly, I would recommend Enstrumentals by Envoy. It’s another instrumental album with feel-good chill-out production. I’m not usually into the glitchy drums, but this one somehow does it for me. Click here for the free download.

Be sure to check out more on this page for tons of free downloads of great instrumental hip hop music!

Free Love Songs for Chinese V-Day

It feels good to download songs that are actually given away as opposed to ripping them off. So here’s a few free songs from some of our favorite artists. Many thanks for making them available! (Look for the “download” button in the upper right hand corner of each music player).

First, a nice 130bpm track from Makoto, whom we recently had here in Shenzhen. I like this new direction he’s going. And despite the title, it feels really good 🙂

Another case of a traditionally drum & bass artist making bass/dubstep music, here’s Atlantic Connection with a remix. Hopefully we’ll have this guy in Shenzhen soon!

Finally, pretty much every song on Artist Recording’s Soundcloud page is a free download. Tons of good dubstep and drum & bass. Highly recommended!

FREE ALBUM: Love Architect by Atlantic Connection

One of my favorite DJs – Atlantic Connection – whom we plan to bring to Shenzhen eventually, has a new album out on June 23rd. What’s more, he is offering it for FREE – but only until June 16th. Download it here while you can.

From an interview in KMag, he states:

I owe my fans! I’ve had a lot of people waiting on me for another album for a good couple years. I finally have something to give back, and say “thanks for hangin’ with me through all that!” So, I’ve decided to give away the album, in its entirety, until June 16th. Download it here. Please enjoy, share and tell people to purchase when it drops on June 19th.

Atlantic Connection makes beautiful, deep, soulful electronic music. Just like Makoto – everything from dnb to dubstep to future soul to moombahton, and more. He’s definitely got his own style and pushes the boundaries of electronic music. I play his songs all the time and can’t wait to have him play here in Shenzhen one day.

Preview the album below. Buy it here from iTunes if you miss the free download, and support this incredible artist!

Free Songs: Beautiful Music by Beautiful Women

To celebrate Women’s Day we’d like to share two free downloads with you by female artists.

First up is a beautiful tribute by rapper Akua Naru – she raps about the female rappers that inspired her. It’s got one of the smoothest beats ever paired with her buttery smooth delivery = nothing but win. You can listen and download for free below.

Next up is a female emcee/singer Cha Cha from China who teamed up with DJ Wordy and Soulspeak for a short EP. She sings in both English and Chinese, and it’s very reminiscent of Tricky/Portishead/etc. And I don’t think you can do any wrong with a cute Chinese gal with a taste for reggae music!

Highly recommend you download the EP for free and enjoy! See below…


Free Mix: Destination Hong Kong by T.H.U.G.

I tend to go through phases with mixes. One month I’ll always be rocking one, the next month it’ll be another.

This month it’s definitely this liquid drum & bass mix by T.H.U.G., a new DJ in Hong Kong. He blends some of the smoothest dnb songs imaginable. And my destination for tomorrow night is definitely Hong Kong! As LTJ Bukem and Conrad will be making their annual appearance at Hyde.

Check out the mix below, and download it for free! And stay tuned for free mixes from Fresh artists, coming soon.

5 Beautiful New DNB Songs

We’re on break for summer vacation but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped discovering amazing new tunes. I’ve been up until the early hours of morning for the past several nights downloading new tracks. Here are a few that I just bought and can’t wait to bust out on the next gig (whenever that may be!)

This new track by Netsky is just pure bliss. Love the cello/violins…

Here’s a new artist I just discovered. This track really hits a strong note too…

Can’t say enough good things about Marky and S.P.Y. when they work together…

I’m glad to see that Atlantic Connection is still making great music. He absolutely killed it with his album in 2008.

And finally, this is probably our song of the summer. And guess who we are planning to bring to Shenzhen? (hint hint…)

And finally, this is not beautiful per se, but you should really have a listen to Friendly Intentions by Noisia if you need some aggression and bust-out vibes in your tunes at the moment!

Track Release: Rice the Beat Chef for Japan

Fresh artist, Rice the Beat Chef, just had a track released as part of a compilation album titled Midnight Kids for Japan.  All the proceeds will benefit the victims of the Japanese earthquake. Rice’s track is #21, titled Monorail Station, and he said it was inspired on the high speed train from Guangzhou to Chenzhou.  Listen to it below.  It’s a mellow track with loose, somber, ambient production, and all the more eerie with the recent high speed train crash in China, but fitting that the proceeds go to charity. Check out the album, and if you dig it, support your ear buds and a good cause and buy the album here. I haven’t had time to listen thoroughly but will post some thoughts soon…

Sushi Robot Video – Live in Shenzhen

It’s with great pleasure that we announce: Sushi Robot returns to Shenzhen! We are continuing our 3rd year anniversary celebration with one more gig – this time featuring our favorite live electronic artists from across the border in Hong Kong.

Click here for more details about the party.

And now, have a look at Sushi Robot’s performance from our last gig with them last fall…

Sushi Robot Live in Shenzhen from Jesse Warren on Vimeo.