PHOTOS: Muzik Box: DJ MARKO – drum & bass night

09.19 dj marko flier

Muzik Box has re-launched in the bassment of Coco park at Little India. This week we are featuring…

DJ Marko is the best local Chinese drum & bass DJ in Shenzhen. Hailing from Chaozhou, he is a resident at Bang Club, but we are bringing him down into the bassment to unleash a deeper variety of cuts. Marko surpsied me at Bang with a selection of brand new dnb by the best artists in the game – liquid, tech, jungle…he’s got it all. You don’t often expect that from a random club in coco park. Also a deep house aficianado, I’d say he is even the best Chinese DJ in Coco Park. Come check out this wonder-kid on the decks. DJ Support from Ninja, Lovetron, Anima, & Quest, with Black Dragon on the mic.

Enjoy great music on a proper soundsystem, fun party people, Super Nintendo, big bongo drums, delicious chai tea, and good vibes in a nice little hookah bar in the bassment of coco park.

Tickets: ¥30 entry or ¥50 w/ drink. Party from 10pm-3am. 10% goes to charity. Headliners and free dinner raffle at 1am this week. 

Address: Little India Coco Park, under Lili Marleen. Follow the bass down the staircase.

Thanks for supporting alternative dance music events and artists in Shenzhen.

Muzik BoX Launch Party featuring MIZ KISHI (UK)

Thanks all for coming to the launch of Muzik BoX! Also thanks to Min & Pax for the photos!

06.06 miz kishi flier

Muzik BoX is a new space in Splendid China for underground dance music lovers. It’s a weekly club night with a special guest or theme, every Fridayfocusing on producers, live acts, and good music of all kinds. 

This Friday we have MIZ KISHI (UK) coming over Hong Kong. She’s a veteran DJ from England, spinning the latest and greatest drum & bass music. It’s her 1st performance in SZ, so let’s show her some love. Supported by Lovetron, Nimbus, Quest, Rose and Ninja MC. 

Enjoy great music on a proper soundsystem, free kungfu tea, Mario Kart & Street Fighter, fresh kebabs, big bongo drums, billiards, and underground vibes in a beautiful Chinese garden setting.

Tickets: ¥30 entry or ¥50 +1 drink. Party from 9pm-2am sharp. 10% of profits go to charity. This month benefits the Min Ai Center for disabled children, thanks to the work of Bonfire Heart, who will also be face-painting to raise funds.

Address: 锦绣中华广场荣誉公馆~华侨城地铁D出口。OCT metro exit D -> go out & walk straight and pass the elephants -> we’re in the bus parking lot, inside the big temple on the right.

Thanks for supporting underground dance music events and artists in Shenzhen.

PHOTOS: Command Strange in Shenzhen!

Thanks to everyone who came to the COMMAND STRANGE gig on the final night of Gaia, helping make it possible. It was a long time in the works, and I’m glad it finally happened. Here are some pictures of the night (thanks to Vitt!) along with a few from Hong Kong.


CS back
























Free Love Songs for Chinese V-Day

It feels good to download songs that are actually given away as opposed to ripping them off. So here’s a few free songs from some of our favorite artists. Many thanks for making them available! (Look for the “download” button in the upper right hand corner of each music player).

First, a nice 130bpm track from Makoto, whom we recently had here in Shenzhen. I like this new direction he’s going. And despite the title, it feels really good 🙂

Another case of a traditionally drum & bass artist making bass/dubstep music, here’s Atlantic Connection with a remix. Hopefully we’ll have this guy in Shenzhen soon!

Finally, pretty much every song on Artist Recording’s Soundcloud page is a free download. Tons of good dubstep and drum & bass. Highly recommended!

FREE ALBUM: Love Architect by Atlantic Connection

One of my favorite DJs – Atlantic Connection – whom we plan to bring to Shenzhen eventually, has a new album out on June 23rd. What’s more, he is offering it for FREE – but only until June 16th. Download it here while you can.

From an interview in KMag, he states:

I owe my fans! I’ve had a lot of people waiting on me for another album for a good couple years. I finally have something to give back, and say “thanks for hangin’ with me through all that!” So, I’ve decided to give away the album, in its entirety, until June 16th. Download it here. Please enjoy, share and tell people to purchase when it drops on June 19th.

Atlantic Connection makes beautiful, deep, soulful electronic music. Just like Makoto – everything from dnb to dubstep to future soul to moombahton, and more. He’s definitely got his own style and pushes the boundaries of electronic music. I play his songs all the time and can’t wait to have him play here in Shenzhen one day.

Preview the album below. Buy it here from iTunes if you miss the free download, and support this incredible artist!

deep, vol 2 photos.

Another fun night of deep dnb/dubstep/hiphop at little india in coco. Thanks to Pramod for hosting, Kris for the live didgeridoo action, CEO for the rugged hip hop, Nimbus for the late night dubstep surprise, and all else who lent a hand. Had a blast and hope you did too, here are some pics!


Free Mix: Destination Hong Kong by T.H.U.G.

I tend to go through phases with mixes. One month I’ll always be rocking one, the next month it’ll be another.

This month it’s definitely this liquid drum & bass mix by T.H.U.G., a new DJ in Hong Kong. He blends some of the smoothest dnb songs imaginable. And my destination for tomorrow night is definitely Hong Kong! As LTJ Bukem and Conrad will be making their annual appearance at Hyde.

Check out the mix below, and download it for free! And stay tuned for free mixes from Fresh artists, coming soon.

LTJ Bukem + MC Conrad in HK

Fresh supports two absolute music legends making an appearance in Hong Kong!

For those who don’t know, Bukem is the basically the godfather of drum & bass – especially the soulful and jazzy side. He started out in the late 80s at raves in England, and as breakbeats progressed in speed, eventually dnb was born, with Bukem at the helm. MC Conrad is one of the best freestyle rappers on the scene. Both of them going strong for 20+ years.

The first time I heard drum & bass was a sleepless night in a tent at a dance music festival in college, when Bukem’s Earth CD was playing all night. Classic shit! I’ve seen them the past two years in HK and Macau, and they played for 4+ hours both times. Definitely among the best gigs I have ever attended.

If you want to see a world class DJ who helped give birth to drum & bass, you don’t want to miss this! There are also some great HK DJs playing including Frankie Lam. If you want to roll together, let me know…

Tickets are not cheap but fully worth it at 250 advance/300 door, contact [email protected] to reserve. See more details here on the facebook page.

Here’s a video I made of their show in Macau in 2010 (epic!)

5 Beautiful New DNB Songs

We’re on break for summer vacation but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped discovering amazing new tunes. I’ve been up until the early hours of morning for the past several nights downloading new tracks. Here are a few that I just bought and can’t wait to bust out on the next gig (whenever that may be!)

This new track by Netsky is just pure bliss. Love the cello/violins…

Here’s a new artist I just discovered. This track really hits a strong note too…

Can’t say enough good things about Marky and S.P.Y. when they work together…

I’m glad to see that Atlantic Connection is still making great music. He absolutely killed it with his album in 2008.

And finally, this is probably our song of the summer. And guess who we are planning to bring to Shenzhen? (hint hint…)

And finally, this is not beautiful per se, but you should really have a listen to Friendly Intentions by Noisia if you need some aggression and bust-out vibes in your tunes at the moment!

Photos: Dragon BASS Festival @ Bar Plush

What a great night! The Dragon BASS Festival once again has proven to be my favorite drum & bass party of the year. Many thanks to DJ Asayo from Japan, as well as DJ CEO, DJ Talec, MC Kim, and everyone else who showed up and got busy on the dance floor. I think this party also proves that dnb works in Shenzhen, and gives me great hope for the future – we have big plans 😉 Can’t wait til next year!